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Watches and the Digital Era

Some look at digital timepieces as relics from the past. They did have their hey-day and that was back in the 70's when they came out. At first, digital models were looked at as futuristic, but then their charm began to fizzle. Until recently the analog watch ruled. Unless you were buying a cheap drugstore version, digital watches were all but extinct. At the very least they were out of fashion, but over the past few years the digital era has re-emerged. Famous makers like Michael Kors watches and TAG Heuer have produced some digital collections that marvel technology and sweeten our style. When we are true to ourselves we will find that we love digital watches. The time is right in front of you, like a picture menu. It's not that we are simplistic, but we have become quite accustomed to reading time digitally. Just look at our computers, our phones, and our digital. Most alarm clocks, again are digital, but let's get back to watches. Here is a absolutely lovely digital model from Michael Kors that will easily remind you of why the digital watch is back:

The Michael Kors Digital White Watch is a unisex model and you just don't find many of those from any manufacturer, but the major fascination is the digital display. This wide patent leather watch is offered in bright white with a square stainless-steel case. The case measures 47mm in height and 40mm in width and comes on a 34mm bracelet. Digital timepieces from today's makers are super easy to read because the led readout technology is so advanced. This watch offers additional illumination function to aid visibility, even at night or in poor lighting. The Michael Kors White watch has a black face, which works as a great contrast for viewing the digital time. In addition to date and time, this timepiece features an alarm function and stop watch feature. It may go without saying, but all digital watches are Quartz run and therefore battery operated. The Quartz movement keep cost down and makes the watch very easy to care for.

In addition to the price, this digital model along with many others available today are chic and stylish. They have very modern and contemporary looks and offer a fresh approach to timekeeping. Their ease of use is unparalleled and now watchmakers offer more different models than ever. Time to re-think digital.