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Three Tips on Spotting a Fake Coach Poppy Wallet

Are you looking for a Coach Poppy wallet that is way cheaper than the actual price? Everybody wants their stuff cheaper but that doesn't mean you should succumb to buying the fake deals. That is not getting an item cheaper, that's cheating on one's self and to the economy. Don't lose hope because you can still get a cheaper wallet without buying the imitations. You can get it from bargain stores or second hand stores. Yet, you still have to be keen though. Fake items are everywhere. Thus, to secure your buying, here are 3 tips on spotting fake Coach Poppy wallet.

Tip no. 1

You should know your wallet. That means doing research on what the authentic product looks like. You can check the internet for the actual design of the real deal or you can check COACH's store for their wallets. Every designer brand has their own trademark on making their products. Like they use the same thread, the same type of leather and even colors, thus, look for a handbag or other wallet in the same collection and compare the materials being used.

Tip no. 2

Check for the right engravings of the "Coach" stamp. There should be a Coach Tag accessory that comes with your wallet, especially when you are buying a wristlet. Furthermore, remember that the zipper hardware of Coach Poppy wallets comes in circle shape and has a COACH engraving.

Tip no. 3

Ask for any proof of authenticity. Why won't you? If they claim it to be authentic, do not be afraid if they get insulted if you ask for the receipt, box, or Coach tissue that comes with the item upon purchase. It is your hard earned money that is at stake, thus you really have to be extra smart in buying.

Getting a Coach Poppy wallet at cheaper price is truly rewarding. It feels like a steal! Yet, if you realize that what you got is a fake one, and you know it should be sold in way cheaper price; that hurts a lot. Thus, make buying safe with these few tips above and make your Coach-shopping experience fun and rewarding in the end. Have fun!