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Taking Care of Your Footwear in Rainy Season

Wearing the right footwear is important; if you want protect your feet. During rainy season the possibility of your footwear getting damaged is high. When walking in rain you run the risk of spoiling your footwear. Some people also develop foot odor when they walk in rain. During the rainy season, the mud and dirt from the ground get stuck to the shoes. Therefore it is best that you wear boots during wet season. It will be prudent on your part to put certain shoes in the closet until the weather changes. Avoid wearing suede shoes during rainy season as it can affect the color of the shoes.

If your shoes get wet, it is important that you dry them before placing them in the cabinet. Avoid wearing black leather shoes in rainy season as it will develop cracks and marks. If you are planning to wear leather shoes, make sure you untie your shoe lace before you wear them. If you try to slip in the shoes without untying them, you could damage the shoe. Make sure you wear your socks when wearing leather shoes as it prevents the skin from touching the leather. Direct contact of skin with leather will promote bacterial growth.

It is good idea to wear a pair of rubber boots during wet season. It is important that you polish the shoes regularly as it helps in preventing shoe damage. Avoid keeping wet shoes in the closet as it may cause cracks in the sole. If you are shoes get wet, you can use baking soda to prevent moisture from accumulating in your shoes. You can also used crumpled newspaper to remove moisture from your shoes.