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Evolutionary VS Revolutionary Rebrands

Rebranding your organization can be a complicated and often expensive process. But if there's been a change in the leadership, direction or message of your organization it's worth the effort. When embarking on a mission to rebrand, one of the first questions an organization must ask itself is whether it will be evolutionary or revolutionary.

When to Rebrand There are typically three reasons it may be time for a rebrand:

Merger - when two organizations join together, each typically has brand equity that is worthy of consideration. The companies must determine disposition of each organization's brand and how to utilize one or both moving forward.

New Leadership - a new leader brings new values, vision, and direction. Many organizations use this as an opportunity to communicate this new energy to both internal and external audiences.

Signal of Change - the most common reason to rebrand. The communication of changes in product lines, service offerings, or organizational focus to the public.

Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary An Evolutionary Rebrand is when a company is making a change to its identity, but keeping the major aspects of the brand intact. A Revolutionary Rebrand is when a company is making a drastic change to its identity. This is necessary when you are trying to make a major change in customer perception (could include a name change). When you are trying to decide whether to go the route of an evolutionary or revolutionary rebrand, you must first make sure you know why you're rebranding in the first place. A�

Here are a few questions to help you decide which route to take:

Is the organization's direction changing drastically or just slightly?

Has your core product or service offering changed?

Are you looking to become more of what your company is at its core or change it from the inside out?

Are you more likely to hear customers praise or chastise your organization and its products and services?